5 Major Problems With Dr. Ford’s Testimony That Could Ensure Kavanaugh Gets The Vote

The entire country sat by their TV yesterday to tune in to the Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s declaration where she blamed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh for a rape.

There were two kinds of people observing yesterday. Those on the correct who tend to watch with a receptive outlook and endeavor to be reasonable and those on the left are essentially administered by simply feeling and their despise towards preservationists and the white American male. A similar white American male who is in charge of the making of our awesome country however now is by all accounts marked as the evilest thing since the production of Satan.

Leaving aside all the left wing loathe, on the off chance that you really tuned in to Dr. Passage’s declaration, you really wanted to discover no less than five irregularities and logical inconsistencies.

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“1. Regardless she can’t affirm the nuts and bolts of her record

She can tell everybody conclusively that Brett Kavanaugh explicitly ambushed her, yet she doesn’t know when, where, who took her there or lifted her up (she was 15), or essentially anything of importance. She has no certainties, no verification, no therapeutic report, no police report. There is only a case from a lady with an awful memory and a story negated by the entirety of her own observers. Now, there isn’t even any proof that there was a gathering by any means, significantly less that Kavanaugh was there or that anything occurred among Kavanaugh and Ford.

2. There’s the polygraph oddness

Rachel Mitchell, a sex wrongdoings investigator in Maricopa County, Arizona, who addressed Ford today, went out on what is by all accounts an interesting digression about the polygraph that Ford took in August. Shockingly, regardless it incited Ford to state several exceptionally abnormal things. Portage said the polygraph was done in Maryland on account of her grandma’s memorial service and she was inquired as to whether it was done on indistinguishable day from her grandma’s burial service. Portage did not know the response to that inquiry. Mitchell additionally approached in the event that she paid for the polygraph, which would typically be very costly, and once more, Ford said she doesn’t have an inkling. On the off chance that Ford doesn’t have an unmistakable memory of enormous occasions that happened to her LAST MONTH, how might anybody make sure her memory of what happened 36 years prior is right? Was Kavanaugh included? You wouldn’t figure somebody could get confounded about something to that effect, however you’d likewise figure somebody would know whether she burned through a great many dollars paying for a polygraph a month ago.

3. She could have affirmed in California

At a certain point, in light of Mitchell’s remark about how this wasn’t the best discussion to investigate her assertions, Ford concurred it would have been exceptional in the event that she could have affirmed at home without doing this freely in D.C. — aside from she could have done precisely that. Not exclusively was the offer made to her legitimate group, however there were likewise news articles about it. It was anything but a mystery. So either Ford is lying or maybe more awful yet, she truly doesn’t recognize what’s happening and her lawful group pointlessly hurled her into the meat processor for political purposes.

4. Portage’s dread of flying is phony

Portage’s own attorneys have been freely guaranteeing that she’s excessively unnerved, making it impossible to fly and they have made a special effort to state that she won’t get on a plane as a result of the Kavanaugh episode. Thus, they said she’d need to drive crosscountry to get to a hearing. Obviously, she really flew. Moreover, under addressing, she conceded she had traveled to Maryland, Hawaii, and Tahiti. As it were, that was an obvious deception. On the off chance that she is lying about that, what else would she say she is lying about?

5. Her observers don’t back up her record

In her underlying letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Ford guaranteed that four individuals other than her were at the gathering. That number appears to change constantly, yet we should run with her unique case. Those four individuals were Brett Kavanaugh and his companion Mark Judge, who she says were both in the room alongside PJ Smyth and her companion Leland Ingham Keyser. Every one of them have denied her story under the punishment of crime prevarication, which asks an undeniable inquiry: whose house was the secret party at? It is safe to say that they are altogether expected to have been celebrating at another person’s home while they were no more? It has neither rhyme nor reason. It’s much all the more cursing that her companion Leland Ingham Keyser says she has never at any point met Brett Kavanaugh. How would you square that circle? Keyser has never met Kavanaugh by any stretch of the imagination, however she was at the gathering where Kavanaugh did this? Likewise, her closest companion saw her come up short on the gathering yet said nothing? She didn’t get some information about it the following day? This single issue all by itself totally annihilates the believability of Ford’s allegation.”

The Democrat Party needs to pay for this sham in November. Furthermore, in 2020. They found a lady who was defrauded by somebody obviously however for reasons unknown believes it’s an awesome plan to lie about it. Any individual who saw the declaration yesterday ought to be exceptionally stressed on the off chance that they have young men of their own since we live in multi day and age where somebody who has so little validity as Dr. Portage can really approach and drag a honest man, for example, Judge Kavanaugh through the mud in the way she has done as such.

Relatively few individuals have said this since they don’t have the foundation in brain science to opine. However, what is considerably scarier about the subject of is the way that a lady who appears as confounded and at odds as Dr. Portage is really a specialist who has the capabilities to advise different people. On the off chance that the brain research field had any validity they would arrange a full examination concerning what isn’t right with Dr. Portage before she is permitted to keep directing individuals.

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