DEMOCRAT SHEILA JACKSON LEE Caught On Video Discreetly Handing Note (Envelope?) To Ford’s Lawyer

What was Democrat Rep. Sheila Lee Jackson (TX) doing at the table where Democrat extremist Christine Blasey Ford was vouching for the Senate Judicial Committee? What was on the white note card or bit of paper the Democrat Congresswoman discretely gave to Ford’s attorney, Michael Bromwich, similarly as they were preparing to take a break in her declaration?

The Republican Party sat in that room like an aggregate gathering of defeatists, hesitant to be marked “old, white Republicans”. Who, in that gathering of quitters will have the boldness to ask what Sheila Jackson Lee what she gave Ford’s lawyer amid the hearing?

what was that?

Whom do you consider to be the most degenerate Democrat Politician?

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Lawyer Michael Bromwich, one of the powerful legal counselors speaking to the lady blaming Supreme Court chosen one Brett Kavanaugh for rape, is working for her for nothing, the Washington Examiner detailed.

Bromwich throughout the end of the week united with the two different legal advisors speaking to Christine Blasey Ford. – The Hill

Bloomberg reports The move to join Ford’s group provoked Bromwich’s renunciation from the Washington law office Robbins, Russell, Englert, Orseck, Untereiner and Sauber LLP, where he was a senior guidance. He quit in light of the fact that a portion of the accomplices protested his choice, as indicated by a note he conveyed. His name never again shows up on the association’s list of lawyers.

Bromwich likewise speaks to previous FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was let go in March by Attorney General Jeff Sessions over claims he’d abused the FBI and Justice Department’s strategy identified with divulgences to the media.

By what means can any sensible individual trust that Bromwich’s choice to speak to Blasey Ford isn’t politically inspired by his longing to at hurt President Trump, and his pick to end up the following Supreme Court Justice?

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