Michelle Obama: Abortion Is Ok Because ‘You Can Just Make Another Baby’

On Friday, Michelle Obama said perhaps the worst thing she has said since she was ashamed to be an American. At a private event with Planned Parenthood’s new president, Obama defended the abortion provider’s stance on killing babies.

“A woman deserves to have the right to choose what to do with her own body,” Obama said as the audience cheered. “It’s not a man’s decision. It’s certainly not the decision of a bunch of white men in Congress.”

“Making a baby is easy. Raising one isn’t. Barack and I have done both things twice,” she continued. “If you’re not ready, you should terminate the pregnancy. You can just make another baby later.”

The crowd roared — a sign of the liberal sickness that has invaded our great nation.

Killing a baby is never OK, whether it be in the womb or crawling around on your living room floor. But Michelle Obama and Planned Parenthood think the evil practice of slaughtering precious babies and selling their body parts are justified by the convenience they bring to women who just simply can’t keep their legs closed.

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