Trump: ‘Good news’ that Obama is campaigning again

President Trump on Thursday night expelled previous President Obama’s reemergence on the battle field in front of the November midterm decisions, contending it could start up his own base.

“Coincidentally, he’s crusading once more. That is uplifting news. When I was running, I swear, I thought he crusaded harder than Hillary Clinton. What’s more, we won enormous,” Trump said at a rally in Las Vegas on Thursday evening.

Obama burst back onto the scene recently in a discourse in Illinois that included rankling reproaches of Trump’s execution while in office on everything from his duty plan to his reaction to the fatal white patriot rally in Charlottesville, Va., a year ago.

The previous president likewise made a trip to California to rally for a few House competitors, incorporating some running in Republican-held locale, and Ohio to crusade with Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Richard Cordray.

Obama will likewise go to Philadelphia on Friday to rally with Democratic Sen. Weave Casey and Gov. Tim Wolf (D).

Obama had already kept away from the battle field since leaving office, careful about nationalizing tight state races or energizing GOP voters in a few territories.

Trump’s comments came during a rally in Nevada on behalf of Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.), one of the most vulnerable Republicans running for reelection in November.

One thought on “Trump: ‘Good news’ that Obama is campaigning again”

  1. Obama is hated by more and more American People, we have not forgotten what damage he has done to our Country. The money he gave to our enemies to make them stronger, before he left his office. He is by far the worst and hated President of all time!

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