Trump Suddenly Leaves Unannounced, Takes No Questions — Where He Went Speaks Volumes

Wednesday was a big day for President Trump. In fact, it was arguably the biggest day of his presidency. Sure, he has accomplished an incredible amount of things during his first year. However, Wednesday was his first major legislative accomplishment and it was something Republicans have been working on for years.

Thursday was a little bit different.

Trump didn’t have anything on his official schedule and some people were wondering why that was. Well, now we know.

Benny Johnson has the details.

From The Daily Caller:

There were no official events on the president’s White House schedule today. This is very strange for a president and administration who is always on the move, particularly during the week with so much breaking news.

Many assumed that the empty schedule was in order to have free leverage to orchestrate the signing of the freshly passed GOP tax bill. Reporters expected to hear an announcement for a signing ceremony at any time.

So many were puzzled as the president exited the White House and walked toward Marine One. Trump did not answer any questions except for one: “Where are you going?”

President Trump said he was headed to Walter Reed Hospital to visit wounded warriors for the holidays and “wish them a Merry Christmas.”

Every American, regardless of party, should appreciate that.

Why do I have a feeling liberals will find a way to hate on this?

Mike Pence also made a surprise trip.

He popped up in Afghanistan today.

From Fox News:

Vice President Mike Pence made an unannounced trip to Afghanistan on Thursday, thanking several hundred troops for their service ahead of the Christmas holiday while reiterating to Afghan leaders America’s commitment to lasting peace and security in the region.

 The trip was kept secret for safety reasons until after he arrived.

Speaking in front of a 40-foot-tall American flag, the vice president told the troops that the United States is “making real progress,” and that they’ve “put the Taliban on the offensive.”

“I believe victory is closer than ever before,” Pence said. “I believe with all my heart that Afghanistan will be free.”

Both Trump and Pence have been so incredible to the troops since taking office and that shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone who followed them on the campaign trail.

From day one, Trump and Pence made it clear they will do everything they can to support the brave men and women who offer up their lives for our country.

 This includes reforming the VA.

From Fox News:

President Donald Trump was expected to sign a new law Wednesday aiding veterans seeking help for disabilities.

The legislation, formally called the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act, will “streamline the lengthy process that veterans undergo when appealing their claims for disability benefits” with the Department of Veterans Affairs, a White House spokesperson told Fox News ahead of Trump’s signing.

A lot of work to be done on that front but progress is being made.

Very cool move by our president and vice-president.

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