WATCH: Dem Senator Who Lied About Military Service Just Attacked Kavanaugh With Nasty New Claim

I am not a devotee of Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT). He didn’t disillusion me at all when it went to the designation procedure of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. His strategies and demeanor are just as untrustworthy and despicable as I would anticipate. Mindfulness isn’t Blumenthal’s solid suit.

A week ago, sandwiched in the middle of two different congresspersons, Blumenthal expressed that Kavanaugh ought to pull back from the designation procedure in light of the fact that, and I quote, “The bar here isn’t whether you have not criminally struck somebody; it’s validity, trust, honesty.” Which Democrats, for example, Blumenthal would discover ailing in for all intents and purposes any Republican out there. Blumenthal likewise portrayed Kavanaugh as “equivocal” and “apparently deceptive.”

Mind you, this is a man who lied about his military administration and is presently assaulting a judge with a perfect record who is currently attacked by unmerited cases from 36 years back by a lady who can’t review the year it occurred, where it occurred, when it occurred, who facilitated the gathering, who was there, who brought her or who took her home. Her believability is swiss cheddar.

Drifting: After Kavanaugh Accuser’s Final Demand, She Got Worst News Of Her Life In The Last Minute

Disregard honest till demonstrated liable. The plain actuality that anybody said anything unfavorable in regards to you as a Republican should influence you to lurk away with your tail between your legs never to be gotten notification from again as indicated by the left. This proof free standard that Blumenthal is requesting is tricky in the outrageous.

He additionally proceeded to state that, due to these affirmations, “This assignment won’t just cast a shadow over Judge Kavanaugh on the off chance that he were ever to be affirmed … it will likewise recolor the United States Supreme Court hopelessly.” Just as they guaranteed Clarence Thomas would do. What unscrupulous nonsense.

Blumenthal, a previous government examiner, and state lawyer general prior said he is squeezing for a full examination by the FBI into the charges exacted against Kavanaugh. “Else we will shoot oblivious,” Blumenthal said. Shoot away congressperson in light of the fact that the FBI wouldn’t explore.

We should return the distance to 2010 when Blumenthal grabbed his Senate situate. It was everywhere that he lied about his military administration in the Vietnam War. He guaranteed he was in battle, yet as a general rule, he got a progression of suspensions from 1965 to 1970 and after that joined a hold unit. That everything except ensured he wouldn’t see battle and he remained stateside leading drills and arranging a Toys for Tots drive.

Along these lines, let me get this straight. Blumenthal purportedly lied about his military administration to get into office however he has the nerve to tell everybody that Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t meet his models for “believability, trust, honesty” since he denies a solitary doubtful case of offense in secondary school. Blumenthal has no second thoughts about crushing Kavanaugh over unwarranted cases and affirmations. In any case, on the other hand, look how he got chose.

The mind dominant part of Democrats, including Blumenthal, have voiced their resistance to Kavanaugh’s assignment. Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI), a kindred individual from the Judiciary Committee, joked that Democrats would be “enchanted” if Kavanaugh’s selection was pulled back. You wager they would. This is every one of the a defer strategy borne of obstructionism.

Blumenthal expressed from the get-go that he would not vote in favor of Kavanaugh. His scrutinizing amid the designation of Kavanaugh based on premature birth and was exceptionally angry and impolite.

Richard Blumenthal


· Sep 16, 2018

The Senate Judiciary Committee should now give these affirmations the genuine weight they merit. They should be completely and reasonably researched. Irrefutably, the Kavanaugh affirmation vote must be delayed. essayist of-classified brett-kavanaugh-letter-stands up about-her-claim of-rape/2018/09/16/46982194-b846-11e8-94eb-3bd52dfe917b_story.html?utm_term=.7af741a049f1 …

California teacher, essayist of private Brett Kavanaugh letter, stands up about her allegat…

Christine Blasey Ford asserts that Kavanaugh assaulted her over three decades prior when they were each in secondary school, a charge Kavanaugh has straight denied.

Richard Blumenthal


Ms. Passage has demonstrated mind blowing valiance in approaching. Since she has made her story open, I am focused on guaranteeing that she is heard, that her wellbeing is ensured, and that she is approached with deference.

3:20 PM – Sep 16, 2018


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From the CT Mirror over Kavanaugh’s assignment:

“Blumenthal said the difference in the Garza case – in which Kavanaugh said his partners on the seat had chosen “that unlawful worker minors have a privilege to quick premature birth on request” — was a coded message to the White House. Blumenthal said the expression “fetus removal on request” is utilized by “the counter premature birth network to allude to nullification of Roe v. Swim.”

“Blumenthal said Kavanaugh needed to clarify he could pass the “litmus test” President Donald Trump utilized in looking for another Supreme Court equity — somebody who might give the high court the lion’s share expected to upset Roe v. Swim.

“Kavanaugh said that was not the situation. He said he was filled the seat of resigning Justice Anthony Kennedy in light of the fact that “different individuals said I ought to be considered,” including White House Counsel Don McGahn who sat behind Kavanaugh as the candidate was in the last place anyone would want to be for over 10 hours Wednesday.

“I valued their help,” Kavanaugh said of those White House staff members.

“Kavanaugh likewise said the high school in the Garza case was basic to his decision and that the Supreme Court has maintained parental assent laws that can postpone premature births.

“Blumenthal additionally attempted to wrest a responsibility from Kavanaugh to recuse himself from any Supreme Court cases including Trump’s potential criminal or common risk. Blumenthal said it would be an irreconcilable situation for Kavanaugh to administer for a situation straightforwardly influencing the president who named him to the high court.

“We’re in an unfamiliar area,” Blumenthal said.

“Kavanaugh declined to make any responsibility, saying it would undermine his autonomy as a judge to state whether he would recuse himself.

“Blumenthal said he was “pained and irritated” by Kavanaugh’s reaction.”

What’s more, there was a whole lot more after that. Blumenthal is going hard and fast to square Kavanaugh. Mindfulness and morals be doomed.

ABC News


Sen. Richard Blumenthal says Brett Kavanaugh’s designation to the Supreme Court “ought to be pulled back.”

“This assignment won’t just cast a shadow over Judge Kavanaugh…it will likewise recolor the United States Supreme Court unsalvageably.”

8:37 PM – Sep 18, 2018


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  1. Now who in their right mind would believe anything Blumenthal says? He’s a known liar so why is he even talking about a man with an already perfect reputation. He should have been removed after his first lie, then everyone who is a liar would have to be removed. That would leave Kavanaugh , Ted Cruz and a few others.

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